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The Healthcare Law team at Rasmussen Dickey Moore is here to treat any problem you may have. Our experience manages litigation and develops risk management strategies while focusing on the practicalities of our clients’ operations and business goals.

From litigation and regulatory compliance, to human resource issues, to practice management, expansion, and restructuring, RDM has you covered. RDM represents nursing homes, pharmacies, dental practices, orthodontic practices, and all forms of private medical practices in the variety of issues facing today’s medical provider. The lawyers of RDM’s Healthcare Law team have experience representing healthcare institutions and private practices in malpractice and personal injury cases, the acquiring and divesting of medical and dental practices, the formation of physician and dental practice management companies, and human resource issues specific to the medical field.

What is Healthcare Law?

Healthcare law involves a wide variety of issues and circumstances unique to each client—from the health care system to the individual practice. Navigating malpractice issues, regulatory issues, privacy issues, human resource issues, and even real estate issues takes your focus off patient care and into areas where you need a trusted attorney who has your practice and business goals at the forefront. RDM will be your partner to handle the practical and business issues so you can continue to focus on patient care.

RDM’s Healthcare Law team acts as your general counsel when you are in need.

Malpractice and Injury Litigation

RDM attorneys are trial lawyers. When you are facing litigation over claims of negligence and malpractice, you need the strongest advocate you can find. You need experience and you need the lawyers willing to stand up next to you in court and be heard.

Practice Formation and Change

The attorneys at RDM are ready to help you in the formation of a new practice, the purchase of an existing practice, or the acquisition or divestiture of a practice group. Security in our experience in helping you form the right business entity or in managing your current entity allows you to focus on what you do best—patient care. 

Dental Service Organizations

Dental Service Organizations have reconceptualized the business and practice of dentistry. DSOs are groups created to fulfill critical business management and support for dental clinical operations. DSOs have allowed dentists to maximize their practice from a clinical perspective while relying on the DSO to handle the business side of the operations. RDM has built DSOs and related clinical practice agreements in states across the country. COVID-19 has increased the attraction of DSOs by giving practitioners a vehicle to reduce overhead and improve capital base. 

HIPAA and Privacy Laws

RDM’s attorneys are there to assist in every aspect of keeping your patient data safe, secure and of use to you. We have the knowledge and experience to help manage your data and maximize your clinic time with the security that your operations and procedures are compliant.

Human Resources and Tenant Issues

The team at RDM knows that your job is to treat and care for your patients. Human resources, payroll, and tenancy issues take your focus off of patient care and eat up valuable recourses from your practice. We know that there are unique issues in health care that can not be solved by a cookie cutter approach. 

RDM attorneys represent numerous medical and dental practices. We also represent pharmacies, nursing homes and service providers throughout the health care industry. We have extensive experience providing insurers with litigation services related to claims against any and all health care providers.

Proven Success in Healthcare Law

RDM’s attorneys have successfully represented a broad and diverse range of clients in the healthcare and medical industries. We also serve as general counsel for a number of medical practices.

Our attorneys have represented hospital systems in medical malpractice claims, guardianship claims, and employment disputes, as well as in claims of tainted pharmaceutical products provided by hospitals. The team at RDM has also represented physicians and other health care professionals in medical malpractice, licensing, and pharmaceutical litigation in state courts in Illinois and Missouri along with federal court.

Dedication. Flexibility. Value.

Healthcare providers face challenging legal issues regularly. RDM’s Healthcare Law team is dedicated to counseling medical practices and healthcare institutions, managing risks, and litigating against claims. As a mid-size law firm offering national coverage, RDM provides the same abilities as the bigger firms with the flexibility to deliver personalized, detail-oriented service to our clients. 

RDM is capable of serving your needs at any stage of the legal process. The attorneys at RDM have the ability, knowledge, and experience to meet your needs in the realm of healthcare law.

If you are in need of counsel, whether you’re in private practice or manage a large service provider, RDM can help you. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

RDM’s Healthcare Law Attorneys