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RDM is dedicated to the representation and defense of employers and management in all areas of employment and labor law. Our attorneys understand the complexity of employer/employee relationships and the applicable federal and state law which governs those situations.

The team at RDM has experience in training, advising, and defending its clients in state courts, federal courts, and administrative agencies in a wide range of employment and labor matters. Our attorneys handle cases that involve discrimination, wrongful termination, non-compete agreements, employment contracts, trade secrets, wage and hour disputes, and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) collective actions.

What Is Employment and Labor Law?

Employment law covers the rights, obligations, and responsibilities within the employer/employee relationship which includes, wages, workplace safety, discrimination, wrongful termination, benefits, non-compete agreements, employment contracts, and trade secrets. Labor law covers the rights and responsibilities of unionized employees. Employment and labor laws are established by the state and federal governments.  

Employment and labor law are constantly changing, which is why it is important for employers and management to stay up to date with the law.  At RDM, our attorneys are devoted to staying up to date on ever-evolving state and federal law, making sure we’re always equipped with the latest knowledge and sharpest tactics to best represent our clients. 

Proven Success in Counseling and Litigation

RDM’s Employment and Labor Law team has experience in training, advising, and litigating matters from discrimination claims to protecting trade secrets. RDM understands what is at stake for employers dealing with complex employment and labor law issues. We have the experience to identify and eliminate potential risks before they arrive.   

Dedication. Flexibility. Value.

Employment and labor issues can create financial exposure and put a company’s reputation on the line. RDM’s employment and labor group is dedicated to eliminating those risks. As a mid-size law firm offering national coverage, RDM provides the same abilities as the bigger firms with the flexibility to deliver personalized, detail-oriented service to our clients. 

RDM is capable of serving your needs at any stage of the legal process, whether you need counsel for training, or trial attorneys to jump in and argue your case before the court. The attorneys at RDM have the ability, knowledge, and experience to meet your every need in the realm of employment and labor law.

If you are in need of counsel relating to employment or labor issues, contact RDM today to discuss your situation.

RDM’s Employment and Labor Law Attorneys