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With offices in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Los Angeles, Rasmussen Dickey Moore serves as trial counsel nationwide for our clients in a broad range of lawsuits, including the defense of serious products liability and personal injury claims, medical and professional malpractice, environmental matters, commercial litigation, employment and labor law, and construction law cases.

With most clients, our goal is to extricate our clients from litigation short of taking a case through trial. But we are always prepared try a case to verdict.

What We Do

Our founding partners have been successfully trying complex cases for over 30 years. From their early experiences, they built a firm that is a leader in handling high-risk cases for clients. RDM’s attorneys have appeared in virtually all of the notorious litigation hot spots, including:

  • New York City
  • Madison County, IL
  • St. Louis
  • Cook County, IL
  • Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles

As a result, our attorneys are familiar with the key judges and plaintiff firms active in these jurisdictions. These relationships inform our ability to successfully resolve or try complex and challenging cases. 

Meet Our Attorneys

RDM’s outstanding litigators and trial attorneys have decades of experience with complex cases across a variety of industries.

RDM Attorneys

How We Do It

The outcome of a case can hinge on a single detail, and our lawyers know the importance of working tenaciously from the very outset of a matter, striving to conduct the most thorough investigation and most efficient discovery. Our objective, always, is to identify at the earliest possible stage those key facts that will dispose of a case, either by way of a dispositive motion or by a productive settlement conference. We believe our written work product and trial preparation equals that of any firm—large or small—in the United States. We take pride in our trial victories, but we are equally proud of our ability to keep clients out of the courtroom.

While we prefer to shape a case from the start, the firm is often retained a few months, a few weeks, or even a few days before trial. We have a proven record of quick response and excellent results in these “short-notice” cases, which require discipline and absolute commitment by our lawyers and staff to our client’s cause, usually in circumstances that are less than ideal. We know of no other firm that offers this unique service but can think of no better test of our skills, dedication, and teamwork.

Our clients have a right to expect not only excellent service, but also good value. Our small, closely coordinated office brings efficiency to the labor-intensive work of litigation, and we believe high-quality, cost-effective legal services can best be achieved if the lawyers who will try the case are personally involved in each step of the litigation. In the long run, we believe our integrity, work ethic and dedication to excellence and value will be the key to our success.

The best legal advice. The highest level of service.

We know that the practice of law is a service vocation; our goal is to provide that personal service while remaining focused on excellence and integrity.

Let’s Talk

Who We Are

We are flattered that our peers recognize our success by consistently naming members of the firm as Best of the Bar and recognizing our successes as Top Defense Verdicts. Additionally, founding member Kurt Rasmussen and the RDM team has received a special commendation for our legal skills after successfully trying a U.S. Army base environmental hazard pay case.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Part of our pursuit of excellence includes an active policy of hiring and promoting diverse attorneys. RDM has dedicated our hiring processes to include seeking individuals with not only the talent and potential to best serve our clients, but ensuring those individuals also bring a variety of lifestyles, perspectives, and characteristics to our firm. See more about our efforts at diversity, equity, and inclusion.

RDM embraces a broad definition of diversity to include individuals of different races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, education, disabilities, economic statuses, family or marital statuses. When our people reflect the clients and the communities our clients serve, we better serve our clients.

RDM’s Core Values

Client First

RDM is here for our clients, whether that means keeping you out of the courtroom or fighting for you at trial.


RDM has the utmost respect for our clients, our opponents, the court, and our attorneys and staff.


RDM devotes special attention to every aspect of your case with unmatched thoroughness and attention to detail.


RDM can help you build your case from day one or jump in to take your case to trial on short notice.


RDM offers nationwide coverage and experience while offering highly competitive Midwestern rates.