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RDM associate Alison McCourt recently attended the National Asbestos Litigation Conference where presenters discussed how potential jurors’ experience with COVID-19 might affect their perception of evidence presented in asbestos cases. The conference also focused on how different jurisdictions are handling jury trials by Zoom and the novel obstacles that people are facing while trying to navigate these trials during this unprecedented time.

Lung cancer filings are on the rise in Madison County, where potential jurors may be learning that lung cancer patients are three times more likely to die from COVID-19. Panels at the conference also posed questions regarding how the increased attention to scientific research and communities, especially the WHO and CDC, may be perceived by jurors.

Asbestos litigation in Madison County.

RDM’s attorneys are regulars at the Madison County Courthouse, expertly defending countless asbestos claims and other cases in the famously challenging jurisdiction. When you have a case in Madison County, trust the attorneys at RDM.

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Madison County Courthouse photo Paul Sableman.